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FRP Air Washers Details

Usage/ApplicationTextile industry, Bakery Plant, Humidity Air Required Area
TypeSingle Skin
Humidification Capacity5000 cfm-25000 cfm

We have emerged as the leading company, affianced in providing a wide range of FRP Air Washer. This air washer is precisely manufactured using high quality FRP material and leading-edge technology by our experienced professionals. The offered air washer is available in various sizes to meet the different requirements of our clients. We offer this quality assured air washer at highly reasonable price to the clients.

  • Perfect finish
  • High durability
  • Easy to install

Cooling Tower FRP Air Washer:

The Basic Sections Of An Air Washer:
The basic components of an air washer system are a chamber that contains a series of spray nozzles, an eliminator section that removes water from the air that is exiting the air washer and a sump which catches both the sprayed water droplets and the water that was collected by the eliminators. The spray section will either add moisture to the air or dehumidify the air while washing solid particles out of the air. The eliminator section in many cases is a "W" or a series of "W"s in shape. This section forces the air to contact the eliminator components, which in turn knocks down water droplets and airborne solids. The sump is the collection basin for the system. The washed-out solids, lint, dust, and water all collect in this area.

Functions Of An Air Washer:
  • Cool the air
  • Humidify the air
  • Dehumidify the air
  • Clean the air of particles
  • Hyper Ionize the air

Humidification By An Air Washer:
Humidification is accomplished by using the recirculating spray water, washing preheated air with the spray water, and by heating the spray water. In general, the humidification of the air occurs as the humidity of the outside air decreases. This allows the water from the sprays to entrain in the low humidity air and increase the humidity of the washed air as it leaves the system for the plant. The heating of the spray water or the heating of the air prior to the air washer creates a condition that allows the air passing to the plant to hold a higher level of moisture. The amount of moisture that is required for the plant use will dictate the degree that the air or spray water will need to be heated. An air washer will humidify the air during the seasons when the outside air is low in humidity. As the solids level in an air washer drops, the Langelier Index will also drop. The index is used to indicate the tendency of the system water to be either scale forming or corrosive.

Cleaning The Air With An Air Washer:
Air is cleaned by an air washer when particulate matter impinges on the wetted surfaces of the eliminator blades. Air is also cleaned when the sprayed water generates enough ionization to neutralize the charges on the particles in the service area so that they can be dropped out into the sump as they are drawn through the air washer. The cleaning of the air will remove lint, oils, and other airborne particles from the air. This builds up the level of the solids in the water which must be removed either from overflow or bleed.

Air Hyperionization:
As the water droplets are broken up at the nozzles, ionization occurs. This places a charge on the water droplet which allows it to attract charged particles that are in the air. This will allow the removal of any of the airborne solids from the air. It can also cause the buildup of charges in the air that exits the air washer. These charges can cause static electricity to build in the air, which can cause textile processing problems if not neutralized by an antistatic treatment program.

Recommended Air Washer Maintenance:
Air washer systems should be inspected regularly to insure that wetted components are free of dirt.

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